a1No, we’re not inviting you to twerk. If you are not familiar with the German language, our name may sound a little comical at first. Meaning ‘advertising network,’  we derived our name from two German words, werbe and netzwerke.

Nevertheless, we meant serious business. Our group aims to teach our readers what it takes to market effectively on the Internet and earn. We launched Werbenetzwerke to provide a prime resource for almost fail-proof online money making ideas.

Our site began as a blog, originally intended for a marketing project in school. We were just three typical students who happened to be in the same course taught by a German professor.

We posted mostly about what we learn in class and gave our insights and ideas online. Visitors started to pour in daily while a significant number of remarks kept piling up. As we kept answering our audience’s questions, traffic to our site also increased.

My heart stopped when a comment read, “Can I advertise on your site? Here’s my email.”

Having nothing to lose, we shoot this visitor an email. It was perfect timing and a blessing. It was real, and we’ve made extra money without too much effort. We started learning, adapting and creating online courses that made us some more cash as we slept or while in class. We never expected to earn passive income, but we did.

You guessed it right; the rest was history.