5 Secrets To Increasing Traffic To Your Site You’d Like To Hear About

Traffic makes your online business go round. Having more views and readers leads to a wider target audience for your business.

If you sell something, you need to offer it to a lot of people or make it available for them. Same applies to websites.

In this article, I’ve listed five ways to improve traffic and promote your site effectively.

1. Be visible on social media.

Use your social media accounts to promote your posts.

We often hear or read, “like us” on this platform, “follow us” on the other. Social media marketing has proven itself to be a compelling trend.

Don’t hide your posts from your friends and followers. Share links to your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, even LinkedIn and Google+. Use this strategy to keep traffic coming to your site.

But don’t focus too much on your posts alone. Comment on others’ articles. The more visible you become on social media platforms, the more chances for others to comment back on yours.

2. Be a Headline Master.

After sharing your posts on social media, your friends and followers must be visually intrigued with the featured excerpt. If no one has clicked on it yet, review your post or maybe, your title.

No one would know the quality of your posted content unless they read it. But if your headline lacks context words, it may fail to capture attention, lack engagement and deliver a weak impression.

Use titles that appeal to the senses and time. Add details that create intrigue. Use some branding, if possible.

3. Make your website interactive and fast.

Say you’ve mastered the art of writing headlines, make sure you don’t disappoint people who finally view your site.

Make it visually attractive, mobile-friendly and fast. People tend to follow your posts more if they like what they see and read.

4. Practice guest blogging.

Guest blogging increases traffic to both host and guest, once done right. Bring more visitors to your site by allowing a guest to write on your blog, in return for a link to your blog to appear on theirs.

Just remember to keep it original and spam-free, else Google will hunt you down.

5. Use SEO to your advantage.

Use long-tail keywords to help improve your page ranking. Make sure you use SEO strategies to invite more views. Learn Google Analytics.

After all, the more, the merrier.